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Judul:Alain Delon- When A Woman Loves A Man (Ketty Lester) with lyrics
Diterbitkan:11 Mei 2018
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When a woman loves a man, heattbreak maybe. Oh, When all the women love Alain... Troubles!!

Interesting to know the background of this song, in 1966, Ketty's song was made in response to 'When a Man loves a woman' which particularly became popular in 90s by Michael Bolton in a movie. Ketty Lester's version was much underrated. I love the song drum beats intro and added that to the ending as well , kind of soul, you don't think it's an old song at all! (while Michael's intro was too 90s and Kenny G)

(I think that in 60s, woman was supposed to love the man wholeheartedly, no divoice, no question, no say, submissive role ....but if the man do such, unexpectedly full devotion to woman - is stunning to all and turned out to be more successful. This woman's version should have changed the lyrics a bit with more solitaire/unique attitude but still choose to believe.)

Ketty Lester answer to The Percy Sledge 's song When a Man Loves a Woman , Released 1966 .. Ketty Lester (b. August 16, 1934) is an Arkansas born singer and actress, who played Hester-Sue Terhune on Little House on the Prairie.

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