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Judul:Being Japanese
Diterbitkan:17 Juni 2018
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What makes a Japanese person Japanese? While Japan is thought of as a homogeneous country, there’s a lot of diversity if you scratch beneath the surface. I’m creating a feature-length documentary about what it is to be Japanese and I’d love your support on Indiegogo

Beyond a financial contribution, some important things that can help make the documentary a success will be interpreters, assistants, translators, and participants (Japanese citizens both in Japan and abroad). If you are, or know of, people who would like to help tell this story, please visit and get in touch!

Too many sources for the description box in YouTube, so you can find all sources on my website at

CORRECTION: The video footage of the figure skater is of Satoko Miyahara, not Mirai Nagasu. I apologize for the mistake

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