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Judul:Granger [Death Chanter] Gameplay - Mobile Legends Bang Bang
Diterbitkan:15 April 2019
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Granger [Death Chanter] Gameplay - Mobile Legends Bang Bang
New Hero – [Death Chanter] Granger, Diamond 599, BP 32.000, Launch week 30% diamond OFF. Available from April 23rd (Server Time)


Granger can fill his gun with up to 6 bullets at a time. As 6 is his lucky number, each 6th bullet deals critical damage. Granger gains half Attack Speed from Equip or Emblems.

Cooldown:10.0 / 9.6 / 9.2 / 8.8 / 8.4 / 8.0
Granger shoots at his bullets in a forward direction, each bullet deals 30 / 56 / 82 / 108 / 134 / 160 (+80%Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage against enemies.

Cooldown:6.0 / 7.6 / 7.2 / 6.8 / 6.4 / 6.0
Granger blinks in the designated direction, and his next 2 Basic Attacks deal extra 10% of damage. Each time the bullets hit an enemy hero, the CD of this skill will be reduced by 0.4 seconds.

Death Sonata:
Cooldown:50.0 / 45.0 / 40.0
Granger transform his violin into a gun and fills it with 3 super bullets. In next 4 seconds, Granger will shoot the super bullet forward. The super bullet ignores the minions along the way and only affect heroes. Super Bullets explode upon hitting the first enemy hero, dealing 150 / 200 / 250 (+100%Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage to enemies nearby and slows them by 80%. Each time Granger shoots a Super Bullet, he can move to another location.

Hero Specialty: Granger is long-ranged Marksman, who uses his lucky bullets to deal high damage.


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