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Judul:181224 JIKOOK/KOOKMIN- my moonlight πŸŒ™ New + Old Moments /Merry Christmas
Diterbitkan:28 Desember 2018
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Hope you guys love your late Christmas Present,I know I said I wouldn't be active until the 4th of next year but I really didn't want to leave without making a special video as a Christmas Present.β™‘πŸ’œ I really want to say thank you for all the support and for loving my videos,leaving comments.i can't believe we are close to 200 subs..i really never saw myself going up that path. but I love what I do and I love jikook.i hope you guys keep enjoying my videos together and if you have any request you can always dm me thru my Instagram or Snapchat (starting next year).

I would really appreciate it if you guys share my videos and channel with your friend πŸ’œ

Watch my recent videos:

#jikook #kookmin #christmas #present
#jikookunit #blackandwhitecouple #bunny #chick

Cr@ owners of some of the (Videos used for my video) (coming soon):

@/ggukmin - Instagram/YouTube
@/jikookbunny - Instagram
@/mia_pisca - Instagram
@/meltingon /MMA melting on! - Instagram
@/smwpjm - Instagram
@/btsjgsg88 - Instagram
@/Naaadmd - Instagram

Thank you for your support loves.πŸ’œπŸ°πŸ₯
I hope my videos are somehow comforting and brings joy to you guys when you're feeling down...i also hope my videos have brought a smile to your face somehow β™‘πŸ’œ thank you for loving jikook with me.

Social media ;
----√:@/- Jxkook_world (jikook account) - ill be more active n there as well as my other account. (Next year) January 4thβ™‘

--------√:@/jxkook_world (twt account for my YouTube)
---------√: @/chimcchimmyy (I'll be changing the username soon, I'll let you guys know)

----------√Snapchat: @/martxnezz19(personal)
-------------√business email;


(All credit goes to the rightful owners of the music and videos included in my Jikook video)
Music :
Moonlight- Ariana Grande :

#jikook #kookmin #blackandwhitecouple #jimin #jungkook #jikookisreal #jikookislove #jk #jm #jungkookisabunny #jikookisreal
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